We are ecosystem ecologists studying biogeochemical cycles and linkages between physical, chemical and biological structure and function in streams, rivers and lakes. 

Our research falls into 4 categories:  

Lab News

PhD student Colin Brooks co-authored an article, The Cladophora resurgence in Lake Ontario: Characterization and implications for management, led by Anika Kuczynski and Marty Auer in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Michigan Tech and coauthored by Amanda Grimm at MTRI.  It's currently the "Editor's Choice" as "Featured Content" at the Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences.

Lab collaborator Dr. Scott Collins has published another paper in Ecosphere reporting results from an experiment in Idaho to test the efficacy of nutrient supplementation aimed to mitigate for the loss of Pacific Salmon runs.  It is titled Effects of experimentally added salmon subsidies on resident fishes via direct and indirect pathways.  Check out the publications page for links to other related publications led by Amy Marcarelli and other lab members, alumni, and collaborators on this topic. 

Lab Alumni Tim Veverica (MS '14) has a brand-new paper available for "First Look" in the Soil Science of America Journal, titled Ionic Liquid Extraction Unveils Previously Occuluded Humic-Bound Iron in Peat Soil Pore Water.  This paper is based on his MS research, and is coauthored by his co-advisors, Evan Kane (Michigan Tech School of Forestry and Environmental Sciences) and Amy Marcarelli, as well as Sarah Green (Michigan Tech Dept of Chemistry).  Congratulations Tim!

Erin Eberhard won 1st place in the research division for her poster, "Do Nitrogen Fixation and Denitrification Co-Occur across a Gradient of Stream Nitrogen Concentrations in a Western Watershed?" at the Center for Water and Society Poster Competition at Michigan Tech on World Water Day, March 22 2016.  Great work Erin!

Ryan Van Goethem
won 3rd place for his poster, "
Legacy disturbance in a lake littoral zone: effects of stamp sands on structure macrophyte communities in the Keweenaw Waterway of MI", reporting results of his SURF-funded research project at the Midwest Aquatic Plant Management Meeting in Grand Rapids, March 7-8 2016.  He also won a merit award at the Ecosystem Science Center Student Research Forum March 16 at Michigan Tech!  Great work Ryan!  

Interested in learning more about Eurasian Watermilfoil (Myriophyllum spicatum) and its effects on lake littoral zones?  Check out our updated project website, it's chock-full of great information on ecology and management of this aquatic invasive species.