Learn more about Lake Superior Exploration (BL 4421/5421) in this Sept 2019 Michigan Tech News story, 

Current Teaching

Valuing the Great Lakes (BL 2001)

The Great Lakes are used as the subject to examine environmental issues. A combination of reading, lecture, and discussion will be used to study the unique ecology, biology, and history of the Great Lakes.

Fall semester every year

Data Interpretation and Critical Analysis (BL 3003)

This class will develop skills for interpreting and critically evaluating data and analyses of data to evaluate hypotheses in ecological and evolutionary biology. Students will practice peer review and analyzing published research articles.

Spring semester every year

Principles of Ecology (BL 3400) 

Study of both accepted and currently debated principles that describe ecological relationships at the organism, population, community, and ecosystem levels. 

Fall semester every year

Lake Superior Exploration (BL 4421/5421)

A field intensive course with significant time spent on a research vessel (R/V Agassiz or other) where students will learn the use of a variety of state-of-the-art techniques to characterize biological communities and measure important physical and biological processes.

Summer semester alternate years

The Scientific Profession (BL 5025) 

The practice of sciences for graduate students, including how to plan a research project, grantsmanship, publication, navigating the job market, and timely issues (e.g. ethical conduct, diversity and bias, etc.).

Spring semester every year

Past Teaching

Instructor, Limnology (BL4450)

Instructor, Ecosystem Ecology (BL 4461/5461) 

Co-Instructor, Lake Ecology and Fish Biology (BL 4442).  Michigan Tech 

Co-Instructor, Stream Ecology and Fish Biology (BL4447). Michigan Tech

Co-Instructor, Analysis of Biological Data (BL4470). Michigan Tech

Instructor, Senior Essay (BL 4510). Michigan Tech

Instructor, Perspectives on Inquiry (UN 1001) - Valuing the Great Lakes. Michigan Tech

Co-Instructor, Distinguished Ecologist Lecture Series (FW 5000). Michigan Tech

Co-instructor, Aquatic Ecosystem Ecology (BIOL 658). Idaho State University

Instructor, Freshwater Ecology (AWER 4500). Utah State University 

Instructor, Aquatic Ecology Practicum (AWER 4510). Utah State University , Fall 2005

Co-Instructor, Water Quality and Pollution (AWER 4530). Utah State University

Teaching Assistant, Freshwater Ecology (AWER 4500), Aquatic Ecology Practicum (AWER 4510). Utah State University

Teaching Assistant, Introduction to Biology (BIOL 101). Colgate University, 1999 – 2000